Pervertizing – Agency Annals or Everything you always wanted to know about advertising and advertising agencies.

Working with big clients, organizing interesting events at luxurious locations, shooting commercials, competing with agencies in new and interesting technologies… All these are just some of the reasons why working in this environment is the dream of many young people.

Like any profession, agency work has both positive and less desirable aspects. Bojana Kovac turned all those tales and her extensive experience working for both agencies and the media into a book. Pervertizing – Agency Annals is a book that appeals to both individuals in and outside of the industry just based on its title.

This book is something that will surely catch your attention whether you are in marketing, want to become a part of it, or are simply curious to know how all those events, advertisements, and campaigns that we see on social networks, newspapers, or television are created. The readable and easily written book explains all the glitz and glamor of advertising agencies, as well as all that goes on behind the scenes. All the things you typically overlook.


In this book, you’ll learn how both lovely and unpleasant agency work can be, as well as how important it is to constantly work on improving yourself and picking up new skills.

Bojana Kovač has built a successful career in the field of marketing, writing is her passion, her daily inspiration is, as she says, her two children, and her obsession is Japanese writers.

Now you are probably wondering where is the line where a successful businesswoman turns into a writer. We assume that this limit does not exist, but that Bojana Kovač’s talents are united and intertwined, which is precisely the reason why Pervertising is also a novel, which in its genre definition implies a fictional extension, but also a testimony to that magical world of agency marketing.

If we look at the title of the novel Pervertising – agency annals, we can immediately see a genre definition that is associated with factography.  In this case, it is years of marketing experience, working with significant clients, coordination of interesting events, shooting commercials, etc., and it is undeniable that the novel is integrated from that source – the world of marketing agencies and work in them turns out to be very intriguing and challenging, and judging by the novel quite worthy of literary interpretation. The book’s inspiration, according to the author, came from correspondence with a friend and coworker in the industry with whom she shared her typical workday experiences.

These experiences turned out to be not only interesting but also typical and covered both business and human aspects, so they would be interesting to readers outside of the industry as well. All of this provided Bojana with a fantastic basis for a novel plot that will follow many literary characters and their biographies.

Etna, the book’s primary protagonist, enters the media and marketing industries at the age of 18 thanks to a famous artist painter with a base in Belgrade, with whom she shares adventures, passion, and love. Etna was still a young, timid girl at the time, and the fact that this love tale did not end happily left a lasting impression on her… A few years later, she succeeds in landing a job at a reputable firm, putting her on the path to achieving her dream of working in the marketing industry. She faces challenges, plots, intrigues, and mobbing even there, so she ultimately decides to take a simpler route to accomplish her goal. The indication of this simpler route is the passion she feels for Peter, one of the marketing agency’s owners, which serves as a major driving force for the development of a love story that is integrated into the novel’s plot. There are other characters in the book as well, which the author describes through her storytelling technique by highlighting their connections to one another. Etna manages to achieve great business success and build an enviable career in the business world, but in the end, she is left stunned by the question of whether all her decisions were correct. In the last scene, at the funeral of his first love – the painter Bobby, everything is resolved…