Digital Consulting

What can I do for your business?


  • Empowering leaders to innovate using digital media during times of crisis
  • Creating effective digital marketing strategies
  • Providing private coaching for the company’s marketing department and personal brand transformation for leaders
  • Assisting businesses with their digital transition in order to boost revenue
  • Educating company professionals and executives about digital media to help them advance their social media strategy.
  • Counseling leaders in understanding how to adapt their business to meet the needs of a new generation of customers and employees
  • Advising executives on the latest technological trends and their implications for businesses, markets, and society
  • Demystifying Social Media
  • Learn how leaders can use social media to increase brand awareness, generate sales, create good online experiences, and build loyalty. Learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter effectively.
  • Helping organizations better understand their target market and how to better connect with their audience


Hourly – 300 Euro

Project-based – TBD



Do You Struggle With Aligning Sales And Marketing?