Choice of Keynote

 My keynote speeches are often customized for your industry and target audience. The following are examples of recent and past keynote topics:

  • Power of artficial intelligence in digital marketing 
  • Employer branding: How to present yourself as an attractive employer on social media
  • Digital Marketing in the Real Estate industry: Lead Generation as the most effective form and method of advertising in real estate digital marketing strategy
  • Digital Marketing in the Tourism industry – Experience of virtual: Why smart locations prioritize experiences above merely tourists
  • The Power of Visual: How to Inspire Conversations About Your Brand Through Visual Storytelling
  • The Art of Storytelling: How to Create Stories that Move People to Action
  • How key technologies transforming traditional methods of digital marketing – How to Use Chat GPT and other AI tools to help your business grow
  • How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy that Gets Results

I appreciate discussing the significance of user experience, analytics, advertising optimization, narrative, and long-term planning. If you have any questions, would want to discuss lecturing or any type of digital marketing work and consultations, or simply want to say hello, please contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.

If you want to see my skill set, I welcome you to view my Linkedin profile for a complete listing of my professional experience. If you have any urgent questions, please email me at 

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