Danijela Mojsovski

Marketing Manager, Glass Technology

Bojana, a well-presented digital marketing training with easy-to-follow instructions. Well done!

You openly offer creative advice, explain the logic behind it and give guidelines on how to do it practically. A set of training with useful tools!

Ivana Beronja

Marketing and Communications Manager, INPHARM Co. d.o.o., INPHARM Co. d.o.o.

I first encountered Bojana as a lecturer at a digital marketing online session. Her interest in communications, particularly digital communications, as well as the curiosity that (obviously) drives her, were evident in multiple modules. Content presentations, lessons with concrete examples and exercises, presented in Bojana’s way, are for each recommendation.

Marina Lazarević

Business Coach, marinalazarevic.com

As an entrepreneur who runs a blog, newsletter, writes columns and runs her own social networks – I needed guidance – how the time I invest gives the best results.

Bojana, with her selfless knowledge, advice and support, teaches well and is more dedicated than I expected. The price of the course is more than correct. The course meant a lot to me – saving time in preparing texts, saving budget in paying only for those ads that we have to and should pay for and finally – I received more specific inquiries and clients, thanks to her guidelines, my texts and positioning site and social networks.

Bojana’s training and she herself are highly recommended!

Mr Samuil Petrovski

National Director of EUS Serbia, National Coordinator of GLS Serbia

We would like to suggest Bojana Kovac and her agency “Red Queen” as a very professional and responsible specialist in the field of digital marketing on behalf of our organization, which has been active in Serbia for 30 years and focuses on student education.

Bojana has been training our staff and associates on how to brand and market our events, such as the GLS Global Leadership Summit (www.gls.rs), which is one of Serbia’s most important events for educating business, political, and nonprofit leaders.

Bojana Kovač is an exceptional inspiring lecturer and we wholeheartedly recommend her for cooperation. In addition to the above, we have been collaborating with her agency “Red Queen” for several years on the development and creation of GLS brand identity on our digital platforms and the organization of the annual event at the Crown Plaza Hotel and online GLS events.

In addition to creating a brand identity, our GLS team went through the necessary trainings that Bojana provides within her company, and thus the successful realization of the same was ensured. Based on all the above, we decided to organize lectures in cooperation with Bojana to young people about doing business on social networks and its importance for achieving the set goals as well as the dangers that the same networks can create.

Sanja Matijašević

Marketing and Communications Manager, Plataria Resort, Greece

In 2005, we were sitting in “Bizarre”, and now a marketing expert Bojana, tells us about his first ideas and jobs. For those of us who were in the print media at the time, it was all a bit like science fiction, and 20 years later, we started our upgrade and the first beginnings in digital with her, which is already far ahead of everyone today. She, and we with her, are now following new trends in business, visionarily, just as she saw it more than 20 years ago, among the first.

I recently completed her training, which helped me look at digital marketing from a theoretical and practical point of view, but also to apply this knowledge in the development of my business on digital platforms with the help of specific tools.

Mr. Mirjana Kovačević

Head of the Center for Education and Dual Education PKS, Director of the Business Academy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

It is a great honor and pleasure for us to work with Bojana Kovač, who is engaged in the Business Academy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. For her teaching and mentoring work, Bojana Kovač was evaluated by the participants with the highest grades in the last 5 years, as long as she has been lecturing at our trainings. In addition to lectures, Bojana Kovač conducts consultations and provides support to participants in completed trainings. She is always available and accommodating to their requests to support their business. She was also hired as a member of the examination commission, if the trainings require a final knowledge test.

We warmly recommend it for every project and type of cooperation or marketing consultation.

Namho Kang

Managing Director, Hankook Tire

Mr. Bojana Kovac, a representative of the Red Queen Serbia agency, presented a one-day seminar for Hankook Tire managers, according to Hankook Tire. On January 26, 2021, a lecture on “Digital Marketing” was held, with six corporate employees in attendance.

On this occasion, we can confirm that Mr. Bojana Kova has been hired as a professional marketing consultant in the field of digital marketing and advertising for the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia, beginning January 11, 2021, where she will assist in the development and promotion of the Hankook Tire, Laufenn, and Kingstar brands.

Dragan Suhanek

Executive Director, CP Security

Bojana Kovac, a digital marketing expert, presented a training for our complete marketing and sales staff on 12.12.2020 at the CP Security headquarters entitled “LinkedIn – How to utilize social networks to strengthen your own and corporate integrity + Basics of advertising on the LinkedIn network.” We’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the workshop and lecture and to recommend it for future collaboration because, in addition to the lecture, we’ve been working with her agency “Red Queen” for over a year on developing and creating the CP Security brand identity across all of our digital platforms.

Emil Kukalj

Director, Tourist organization of the municipality of Bar, Montenegro

Bojana Kovač was hired as a lecturer at the seminar “Digital marketing for business purposes” (Raising online brand presence, strategy and advertising on all social networks) for the Tourist Organization of Bar, which was held at the Tourist Organization of Bar. With her professional work, personal performance, knowledge and experience, Bojana contributed to the success of this seminar. We wholeheartedly recommend cooperation with Bojana because you can learn and learn a lot.