Digital marketing consulting services are intended for business owners and marketing managers – I offer you answers to business questions, guidelines, and tactics and create a strategy for marketing performance and processes!

As a marketing consultant, my approach is to examine business goals, marketing technology, and data in order to assist organizations in developing an effective marketing plan that leads to goal achievement, brand awareness, and sales.

the main focus of consultation

During our time together, we’ll focus on the skills, systems, processes, and tools you need to instantly solidify your branding, propel business growth, and create a solid digital marketing foundation.


Biznis Model Konsalting

Tržište & Konkurencija

Istraživanje, Online Branding – dizajn, vizuelno predstavljanje na digitalnim platformama

Digital Menadžment Konsalting

Digital tim

Struktura, Alokacija i predlog budžeta sa predviđenim metrikama, Menadžment plaćenih kampanja, KPI razvoj na digitalnim platformama

Digitalna strategija Konsalting


Strategija, Razvoj Marketinškog plana i timeline, Digitalna strategija plaćenih kampanja, Kreativna strategija

Digitalni Marketing & Tehnologija Konsalting.

Marketing Data Analitika

Revizija/Pregled i Optimizacija

Analiza postojećih marketing kanala

SEO podešavanja, Social Media Optimizacija, UX Analiza


Osnovni + Napredni kurs

Predavanje, obuke i radionice vezane za digitalni marketing


Digital marketing consulting services

Consulting services start with an analysis of your business goals, followed by research into areas that need to be improved and the creation of a marketing strategy based on data that is financially viable.

My consulting philosophy is to create a strategy that evolves based on your company’s business goals, data analytics, in-depth market research, competitive analysis, and the current state of your company’s online presence.


You will have numerous opportunities to expand your marketing knowledge during our consulting collaboration or project.

My marketing secrets aren’t kept hidden!

In order to identify the most effective solutions, I want to share my experience with clients and align with their company goals. I operate a thorough digital or live digital marketing education program in addition to focusing on the educational component of my consulting job.


Consulting Fee – per hour

Live / Online

150 Euro


Live / Online

Price on request

Educational Monthly Training

Live / Online

Price on request