How to use LinkedIn effectively before investing in advertising!

Why Employee LinkedIn Engagement Is Important to Your Business!

If your company has a LinkedIn company page, you’re probably not yet getting the most out of it. And that’s okay – your employees are probably trying to help, and they have other things on their plates too. Here are some things you can do about it.

Engage your employees in creating a LinkedIn Company Page that leverages their knowledge of your company and products. Give them the voice they want, beyond the elevator pitch. Help them understand what your company means to them, why it makes a difference, and how it’s relevant to their lives. Help them understand that they are more than just a name; they are a vital component of a complex web of connections and bonds that have significance both inside and outside of the workplace.

Start with this primer on building the Company Page that helps you engage all employees in promoting the ‘WHY” of the organization.

Employees on LinkedIn typically have ten times more first-degree connections than a corporate page does, according to LinkedIn. Furthermore, according to internal LinkedIn data, employees are 80% more likely to interact with posts from their coworkers than from non-coworkers.

Building a strategy to improve the number and quality of LinkedIn Company Page visitors can be accomplished by leveraging your employee’s personal LinkedIn profiles. As Digital Marketing Consultant Red Queen Serbia I have implemented several strategic communication tactics to maximize the opportunity for using individual profiles to promote our Client’s company’s LinkedIn Company Page, both through the education of employees in companies and through the specific optimization of the profile of company managers. One of the good examples from practice is the LinkedIn company profile as well as the profiles of the managers employed in the company CP Security CP Security group

Traditionally, company pages on LinkedIn have been a place to put your job postings and maybe some professional advice columns. The marketing team selected the content, which was primarily taken from the company website. But now that anyone may add anything to their LinkedIn page, a whole new world of opportunities for B2B businesses has opened up.

This article is the result of a survey completed by several top companies on LinkedIn as well as my in-depth experience over the past ten years working mostly with B2B businesses. In it, there is some interesting fact about how employers can use Employee profiles to increase their company page visibility.

Here are some guidelines to assist you in integrating your employees into your LinkedIn corporate profile strategy.

1. SEO Optimization of your Employee’s Profile for Important Industry Keywords

The importance of keywords in any type of internet marketing cannot be overstated. And LinkedIn is the ultimate in professional marketing. Remember, your profile is visible to search engines, even if your privacy settings are high. Furthermore, other professionals will use keywords to find relevant people on LinkedIn. Therefore, having your profile SEO optimized will help you get found, both on LinkedIn and off. Keywords help people find your profile by searching on the Internet. You want to make sure you’re using the most important keywords relevant to both your industry and work experience that will help you land an interview with a potential B2B lead or client. On both professional and personal Linkedin profiles, there are several key positions on Linkedin profiles from where keywords are positioned for search that stand out.

2. Through LinkedIn recommendations, obtain social proof of your employees

LinkedIn recommendations are one of the best ways to obtain social evidence of your employees. Whether you have any former employees, ask them if they would be willing to speak highly of you or your colleague to other potential employers. Additionally, agree to share helpful recommendations amongst people with whom you currently work on comparable projects and best practices of your company.

3. Ask your employees or a colleague to publish valuable content that highlights the expertise of your business.

Depending on their position and the circumstance, your employees or a colleague should decide whether to post about your business or your personal expertise. For instance, a job applicant will highlight their own professional expertise. A corporate executive or thought leader can also discuss current market developments or industry trends. Most likely, salespeople will choose a combination of these possibilities.

4. Include important thought leaders in the page updates you or your employees make

Your Employee’s or Manager’s Page is almost like their personal brand associated with your company, through which you could share quality content with their followers. If the content shares are about relevant thought leaders in your industry and non-competing companies (e.g., not a direct competitor), you can use this tactic to get in front of their network and possibly reach a larger audience. Just make sure not to overdo it, as this can quickly be seen as spam. Think about what are some things that you or your colleagues can do to get those influencers to know about your content.

5. Create Company Page Content that includes Your Employees in It

In the past, it had been hard to include employees on your company page. The changes and a lot of new LinkedIn feature to the content feed have made this a lot easier. Here are some tips for using LinkedIn’s features to get your staff to contribute to your page’s content.

  • It’s important to involve your employees in LinkedIn Story posts. They may know a lot about your industry and can provide valuable insight into the future of your company — both from a business perspective, as well as from an employee perspective. Open the mobile app to build a LinkedIn story from your company page. The Stories feature is located at the top of the screen. Click on your company page to access Stories.
  • Do you want your employees to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise on LinkedIn? Encourage your employees to host a webinar, panel, or interview using the LinkedIn Events feature. This is a great way to connect with your target audience. If you use the LinkedIn Events feature for your company page, your employees can host webinars or panels about their work experience and industry expertise. At the end of the day, you need to leverage your employees to promote your company. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that they understand how their presence on LinkedIn can benefit their company. Ask employees to host or co-host LinkedIn Company Page Events, then try to get them involved in the on-stage aspect of these events (rather than just posting). Online live events, in particular, are a great way to interact with your audience and market your company. While many companies choose to host webinars on Facebook or via Google Hangouts, with LinkedIn’s Live Event feature, you can go at it from another angle—by streaming video into your event. Events hosted by your team will help build your business’s brand and generate new leads.

A well-honed LinkedIn Company Page is a powerful marketing and sales tool. Large, global organizations have used an employee’s personal LinkedIn profile to create brand awareness and ultimately increase leads generated through their Company Page. That ultimately becomes part of their LinkedIn strategy.

People enjoy working with other people, and they are more interested in real people’s experiences in their work environment and projects than your mission and vision statement, which are already “a heard story”.

Instead of spending millions on advertising, you can submit your brand and content to profile-rich networks (like Linkedin) for free. By leveraging your employees’ personal profiles to increase the company page’s visibility, you reach a lot of potential clients without spending a dime. A well-constructed LinkedIn Company Page is more than just a clever advertisement. With more engagement and activity on your page, you will not only add value to your brand and strengthen your corporate image but also increase conversion rates while increasing buyer interactions with one another.