You have between an hour and two hours of my time to ask me any questions you wish. Clients have inquired about website development, social media development, analytics, digital marketing strategy, tools, design strategy, ad budgets, desired metrics, results, and other topics.

One-to-One Digital Marketing Consultations

Do you need to update your business social media skills? Perhaps you’d like to train your team to handle social media marketing confidently to achieve the results you want.

Depending on your option, I provide one-on-one digital marketing and social media coaching sessions and consultations that can be given in person or online.

We’ll discuss your business goals and any elements of your digital marketing plan you’d want to emphasize so we can design a program that is entirely customized to meet your needs.

With my tailor-made training sessions, you can go at your own pace and learn to use social media in the ways that will most benefit your business.

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